Integrating Android Enterprise to Entgra App Manager

Android Enterprise is a product of Google that enables the use of android devices and apps in workplaces. It comes with a great API to allow developers to integrate Android Enterprise into their EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions. Major features of Android Enterprise are Google Play support, managed configurations, customized Google Play Store. Apart from that, it supports both COPE and BYOD.[1]

The main objective of this project was to provide users the ability to interact with Android Enterprise directly through the Entgra APPM. I was assigned to develop the front end of the feature. The UI is developed within the Entgra APPM Publisher. It enables once the user adds Android Enterprise credentials to the Entgra Product IoTs.

The implementation comes with the following features,

  • Approve/Block apps from Google Play Store
    Android Enterprise gives the developers the ability to create a custom Google Play Store (known as Managed Play Store). It overrides the existing Play Store and only the approved apps will be available on it.
A screenshot of the approve Play Store applications view of APPM
  • Customize the layout of the Managed Play Store of the company
    The frontend comes with a handy interface that allows users to easily customize the Play Store by creating new pages, app clusters, and links between the pages.
A screenshot of the mange clusters view of APPM
  • Sync apps Directly from Google Play Store
    This feature reduces the work of uploading a new app to the APPM. With the sync option, APPM syncs all the approved applications in a single click.
A screenshot of the Synced Play Store application of APPM
  • Set up managed configurations to apps
    Managed configurations allow the IT admin of the organization to remotely add configurations to the installed applications. Ex: Allow or block URLs for a web browser, Configure the app’s email settings.
A screenshot of the Managed Configurations view of APPM


  1. Google Developers (2020) Overview | Android Enterprise | Google Developers
    Available at: (Accessed: 20 August 2020).
  2. Entgra (2020) Entgra Product Documentation:
    Available at: (Accessed: 20 August 2020).




Professional key presser turning characters into interesting web things 🙂

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Jayasanka Weerasinghe

Jayasanka Weerasinghe

Professional key presser turning characters into interesting web things 🙂

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