Finding The Crux Of The Matter

My Google Summer of Code Journey — Week 8

This week was a little unsatisfying because I was stuck on a single task for an extended period of time. As previously discussed, the plan was to run a 3.x frontend on top of a 2.x container to avoid data mutations. However, it didn’t go well. Here’s the PR for the task,

The cypress could not access the frontend as it threw an error due to the frontend running on 8081 reduced to connect. Then I had to conduct a slew of experiments. Some of them include,

  • Using GitHub service containers
  • Switching the ports of the proxy and the instance
  • Running the container locally
  • Testing 3.x image locally
  • Testing 3.x image in the Github workflow

A detailed report of outcomes can be found here.

None of them worked and instead produced dozens of new errors. I am still investigating the problem. Brandon and Ian are assisting me greatly in resolving it.

Meanwhile, I reported some bugs on the 3.x frontend.

In addition, I began working on the user settings workflow. It basically involves changing the locale and the location.

So the next week’s major milestones would be to

  • Resolve the docker issue
  • Complete the use settings workflow
  • Start writing the developer documentation

There are only two weeks left to complete the GSoC 2021. Thank you, Google and OpenMRS, for this wonderful opportunity.