How I groomed a new team to handle 3.x E2E tests at OpenMRS

The team is on a call with Grace Potma, the product manager at OpenMRS and Jonathan Dick, asst. professor at Indiana University School of Medicine

My previous summer was spent with Google Summer of Code, working with OpenMRS. The project was to develop E2E tests for the OpenMRS 3.x Refapp. After which I continued contributing to the project for several weeks before taking a brief break to focus on publishing my research project. When I…

My Google Summer of Code Journey — Week 9

My GSoC project is in its ninth week. The main focus of this week was to get the mutation issue fixed. More details on this task can be found in my previous week’s update. After further investigation, I discovered that the module is not starting up with the server…

My Google Summer of Code Journey — Week 7

This is the seventh week of my GSoC project. Since my Kawesi passed away, Brandon became my primary mentor. We had a call last Thursday to plan the next steps of the project. Here are the defined key milestones:

EOW July 26
Solution for data mutation management
Registration Workflow


The sudden death of my beloved GSoC mentor

It was 5:40 pm on my time last Friday. I received a message from Juliet; one of my colleagues at OpenMRS.

“My bro, pray for Joseph Kawesi, the building has collapsed to him.
I can’t tell his state for am just rushing there to join Kayiwa. God be with you.”

Jayasanka Weerasinghe

Professional key presser turning characters into interesting web things 🙂

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